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Qottab is a pastry filled with walnuts is a delicious traditional treat. Delicate and flaky dough is filled with a combination of walnuts, powdered sugar and cardamom - making this the perfect dessert!



Basloq is one of the oldest desserts. To prepare this pastry, can be used a grape juice, starch, almonds, or sweet apricot kernels and spices.



Gaz is a type of nougat candy, originating in the Isfahan region. The main ingredients of Gaz are sugar or corn syrup, pistachio, almond kernels, rosewater and egg whites.



Flaky and crispy layers of pastry with toasted nuts soaked in juicy syrup and wrapped in mesmerizing aromas of rose water, cardamom and nutty brown butter. Not too sweet and quite different. 


Baklava Yazdi

Yazdi Baklava is generally dry and is presented in diamond-shaped cuts. The pastry is filled with almonds and pistachios. Instead of honey, it is made with rose water syrup. In comparison to other types of Baklava, the Yazdi Baklava is much lighter and the use of cardamom gives it a traditional taste.



This delectable treat is made with just a few simple ingredients: pistachios, sugar and water. The result is a heavenly, sweet and crunchy treat that is addicting.

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Haji Badom

Haji Badam is  a very simple cookie, which is to eat. The base of this cookie is an almond powder (Badam) plus ice sugar, almond powder, cardamom powder, yolk, rose water and saffron and result so delicious candy


Pashmak (Cotton candy)

Tasty, sweet, and mouthwatering. Pashmak is described to be candy floss or popularly known as cotton candy, made purely from sugar. With different flavors such as vanilla pashmak, chocolate, and even saffron. 

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As spring arrives, the Sargol harvest begins. Harvesting is often done by hand, which affects the final quality of the product. For this reason, the product has a higher price among teas. The taste of Sargol is slightly spicy, tangy and bitter.
Mumtaz is another type of tea that has a milder taste and less bitterness. Most south people use this type.
The reason why one type of the tea is called kalam is because of its feather-like shape. In addition, it has secured third place in terms of quality of aroma, taste, color and price. 
Broken and Early is a blend of different teas using crushed leaves.
Baruti is similar to gunpowder. Their tiny seeds stain quickly in boiling water and have a stronger flavor.
And teas like green, yellow, white, oolong, puerh, etc.

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