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Nestled in the balmy waters of the Persian Gulf, our eco-conscious farm employs sustainable practices to cultivate premium white leg shrimps. Harvesting in done by fishing shrimp from the ponds using nets.
Did you know? Shrimp is one of the fastest swimmers at sea, swimming at speeds of up to 30 body lengths per second. 

Form of presentation: HOSO. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients, we
offer a diverse range of presentation formats.
Delivery capacity: 100 tonnes per month
Minimum order quantity: 20 tonnes

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To safeguard the environment, we employ uncomplicated fishing equipment – cages, to
catch our blue crabs, ensuring minimal impact on their natural habitat.

Did you know? Blue crabs have adapted over time to have hind legs that function (and look) like paddles to help them swim.
Delivery capacity: 20 to 100 tonnes per month
Minimum order quantity: 15 tonnes

OYSTERS (Crassostrea) Which oyster?

Crassostrea is a group of authentic oysters belonging to the Ostreidae family and is highly valued for its culinary uses. The harvesting of oysters involves the use of cages that are
suspended above the seabed. This technique enables the retrieval of larger oysters during low tide when the enclosure is exposed.  Did you know? All oysters start life as male, but most will change permanently to female after about a year. Their reproductive organs produce both sperm and eggs, giving them the capability to change gender.
Delivery capacity: 20 tonnes per month
Minimum order quantity: 10 tonnes

If you have any special requests for any seafood or fish from any part of the world with competitive price, high quality, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with your requests.

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