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The STC is a dedicated team of professionals that have been working to supply our customers with the very best quality food products, textiles, dried nuts, and services. You can count on us to deliver your order promptly with no hassles and at a fair and competitive price. Contact us to learn more about what we do.


Who we are 

We embrace multiculturalism and have a global perspective. Our commitment to long-term partnerships knows no geographical bounds, as we seek connections and collaborations worldwide.

Spices and herbal medicine: Spices and herbal medicine have been intertwined with human culture for centuries, serving both culinary and medicinal purposes. Spices like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon not only enhance the flavors of our dishes. 


Food Products: Iran produces a variety of food products, such as saffron, pistachios, dates, and pomegranates. Some of these                        products, like saffron and pistachios, are highly regarded for their quality and are exported to international markets.


Carpets and Textiles: Persian carpets are world-famous for their quality and craftsmanship. Iran has a rich tradition of producing high-quality handmade carpets and textiles, which are often considered works of art.


Business Fairness and Multiculturalism
Why Choose Us?

Business fairness and multiculturalism are two important concepts that play a significant role in the modern business world. They are closely related and together promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Here's some information about each of these concepts:

1. Business Fairness:

Business fairness, often referred to as fairness in the workplace, is the principle of treating all employees and stakeholders in an organization equitably and justly. It encompasses various aspects, including:

  • Equal OpportunityEnsuring that everyone has an equal chance to succeed regardless of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected characteristics.

  • Pay Equity: Ensuring that employees are compensated fairly for their work, with equal pay for equal work, and addressing gender and minority wage gaps.

  • Promotion and Advancement: Providing equal opportunities for career advancement and promotion based on merit and qualifications rather than bias or favoritism.

  • Safe and Inclusive Work Environment: Creating a workplace free from harassment, bullying, and any form of discrimination.

  • Transparency: Being transparent in policies, procedures, and decision-making processes, to ensure fairness is not compromised.

1. Multiculturalism in Business:

Multiculturalism in business refers to the recognition and appreciation of diversity in the workforce and the active promotion of an inclusive and diverse workplace. It involves embracing employees from various cultural backgrounds, and it's essential for several reasons:

  • Innovation: A diverse workforce brings together different perspectives and experiences, fostering innovation and creativity.

  • Market Expansion: Understanding and respecting different cultures can help businesses expand into new markets and cater to a broader customer base.

  • Talent Attraction and Retention: An inclusive culture attracts top talent from diverse backgrounds and retains employees who feel valued and included.

  • Global Competitiveness: In a globalized world, having a multicultural workforce can enhance a company's ability to compete on an international scale.

  • Legal Compliance: Many countries have laws and regulations that promote diversity and inclusion, making it necessary for businesses to embrace multiculturalism to remain compliant.

Our Mission in the Company

We have farm with high integrity for better buisness and try to our best to provide what consumers need.

Our Vision

Our commitment extends beyond our own organization, as we collaborate with various farms and partners from diverse sectors to achieve this common goal. Together, we strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and excellence in our products, contributing to the satisfaction of customers worldwide.

Our Strategeis

There are various industries related to food and commodities, each with its unique strategies to succeed in the market.


Years in different local and international markets

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A family business that spans across different parts of the world is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and familial bonds. In such a unique venture, each family member plays a pivotal role in contributing to the success of the business, regardless of their geographic location.



Welcome to the best organic wholesale food and commodities store! We are excited to offer you the widest range of products and services from our farms and plants. Learn more about all the benefits that you receive with your orders!

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We believe that being trustworthy is very important for the continuity of a good business.

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I plan events that require exceptional quality and variety. The Wholesale Trade Center has consistently met my expectations.The Wholesale Trade Center is an indispensable resource for any event planner.
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Their product sourcing service has helped me discover new items to offer my customers, and their deliveries have simplified my logistics. Choosing them was one of the best decisions I've made for my business.
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As a restaurant owner, I demand the highest quality ingredients at competitive prices. The Wholesale Trade Center has been my trusted partner in sourcing everything from fresh produce to kitchen equipment.
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